Introducing World Wide Pocket

Introducing World Wide Pocket World Wide Pocket
Introducing World Wide Pocket an under appreciated band from Massachusetts. The music industry is struggling and are constantly on the look out for something or someone new and creative. Unfortunately, new and creative doesn’t sell 1million in copies in one week making their method counterintuitive. If they were truly seeking musicians that could bring something unique to the staggered industry then artists like World Wide Pocket would be number one on their list.
The music he creates explores a variety of instruments, tempo’s, beats, vocals, and emotional feelings. He is pushing the boundaries musically to increase conversation among people and lose themselves in his music while he provides them with stunning sounds.

Their songs are all so diverse from each other, I can not possibly describe the way I feel for all of them. One moment I feel very dark in a chaotic atmosphere while listening to the the layers of sounds toppling over each other before dying out to the cold empty void. Another moment I feel as if I’m floating in space surrounded by stars and beautiful milky ways as I hear the earthly sounds of bells and synth coming from each planet.

The world greatly needs these type of musicians. The band knows that it is impossible to stick to a formula and you should never box yourself in when music can be taken so many different places. With two albums out, hopefully we can expect more from him soon. As for now check out their sound cloud (under Been Lookin) it has 88 tracks on there you will not be disappointed.

Written by Latanya Donaldson