Exotic, Truthful Rapping by Di Peruvian

Exotic, Truthful Rapping by Di PeruvianWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

An exotic new flavor to the rap scene, Di Peruvian is spitting rhymes all over the web, having produced the music himself. Di Peruvian is originally from Peru but moved to the United States and now resides in the humble New Jersey. The quality of his music is decent and makes for a good listen, especially because Di Peruvian is more about the truths behind life than the lies. By his logic, Di Peruvian makes songs about the things that matter in life, and he stays away from the fluff. So I pat him on the back for that one, especially after I heard his music.

The song “New MonMouth NJ” has great samples and a phat beat. His rhymes are great and his tone and voice are great. The lower quality of its recording actually adds to the song, and really giving us a sense of the truths Di Peruvian is rapping about. The track titled “Inhale” is a darker song with great effects and sweet rhymes. Di Peruvian really delivers with his rapid fire lyrics. “My mind has manipulative powers,” sings Di Peruvian. Perhaps he has more control over us than we thought. He does mention Jedi in his song, so the Star Wars fan boy inside me got a hard on. Great job, Di Peruvian. May the Force be with you.

To learn more about Di Peruvian and his truthful, exotic beats, hit up his website. Listen to the magic here: