Gigi and her Hip Hop

Gigi and her Hip HopWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Gigi is a new young hip-hop artist who loves a beat and knows how to sing around one. Her ability to write and produce her own music adds to her talents, and she sings beautifully with a firm grasp of what it takes to vocalize an emotion. She has produced her music quite well, and it has a full, even tone. While it is usually difficult to base an artist’s talent off of one song, it is clear by listening to Gigi’s single that she is ready for the next step.

In her single Mic Calls, released August 2011, Gigi has a smooth, relaxing, yet melancholic sound. She plays piano in a nice melody that swings back and forth as the drum track keeps a steady rhythm. Gigi’s lyrics are the best part of the song, however. Gigi says “One man, one band, with a voice to be heard.” She is one of a slew of young artists crying out to be heard, and the song Mic Calls really embodies that, which is why I give it a stiff approval. Yes, the lyrics Gigi sings out are not subtle and are quite transparent, but I think that it is part of her overall message. This is a message with which many, many musicians can empathize.

Gigi is out there, ready for us to take in her music, all we need to do is open our ears and listen. To find out more about Gigi and to download and listen to her music, you must visit her website! Do not be afraid to click this link. Do it!