Traveling Mercies Will Not Have Mercy On The Folk Scene

Traveling Mercies Will Not Have Mercy On The Folk SceneTraveling Mercies will soon become one of the most respected groups in contemporary American folk and roots music. Their vocals are smooth as butter and hugely passionate, and their song $5 Bill is packed tight with familiar folk sounds with a new twist to give it a special kick.

The song has a beautiful arrangement of instruments. The brightness of the guitar balances out very well with the contemplative drum beats and with what I’m assuming a harmonica or some sort of brass instrument being played through out the song. The vocals are powerful and clever as they sing “I know I had it coming, but I couldn’t guess then I come home drunk with a pink slip in my hand, new lock was on a door with a note that read…Dear Bill you don’t live here no more, here’s 5 dollars it’s all I had in my purse.”

No news on when they plan to release some more songs for their eager fans, but they do play quite a lot and from this song I can tell that their live performances must be filled with energy and humor. Check out their myspace