Experience the Electrifying Realm of the London Underworld- Gary Driscoll Unveils Stunning Tribute “Brown Bread Fred”

With new single, “Brown Bread Fred,” celebrated crooner Gary Driscoll pays homage to the infamous Freddie Foreman

London, Greater London, United Kingdom —March 17th, 2023 – Renowned as the Crooner of Crime, Gary Driscoll only recently released a new single that pays tribute to one of the most notorious gangsters in British history- Freddie Foreman. Titled “Brown Bread Fred,” the scintillating track features a big band swing style arrangement which is bound to get anyone’s toes tapping.

Fred, also known as the Godfather of British crime, grew up in London’s Battersea during the Second World War. The enigmatic soul had to toughen up quickly, as the blitzkrieg brought death and destruction to his neighbourhood. Inevitably, he got involved in the criminal underworld, and his reputation grew to the point where he was known as the Undertaker and Brown Bread Fred.

Gary was asked to sing at Reggie Kray’s funeral in 2000, and since then, he’s become the go-to entertainer for retired criminals in the London underworld. He’s performed at numerous events, including birthday parties and at true crime book launches. In March 2023, Gary Driscoll was asked to sing at Fred’s 91st birthday party in a hotel in Soho. Delivering a passionate and moving tribute to Fred, Gary’s sublime performance absorbed audiences.

This new song is a follow-up to Gary’s previous single, “The Old East End Tonight,” which was released in 2017, and presented a stunning tribute to the Kray twins and various locations in London’s East End. Both songs were written especially for Gary Driscoll by singer-songwriter Mark Leen, who captured the essence of London’s criminal underworld perfectly.

Gary’s crooning style and his ability to capture the mood of the criminal underworld has made him a popular performer at events and parties. His new single is sure to be a hit with fans of swing music and those who are fascinated by the history of British crime.

“Brown Bread Fred” is slated to drop in March 2023 and will be available to download on all major music platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. The riveting track is a must-listen for anyone who wants to delve into the fascinating characters that populate the dark side of London’s history and their enigmatic lives.

Check out Gary Driscoll’s Spotify playlist to stream his striking new music! Make sure to visit his website for gig dates and to listen to other recordings that paint the magnetizing world of crime.



Gary Driscoll is an eclectic singer-songwriter who was born in London, England. The seasoned entertainer has created a coveted persona in the music world for over 30 years. Apart from having a full year’s forecast of events, he has released two albums and four singles which can all be downloaded from his official Spotify platform. The artist is also currently looking forward to the release of four separate club remixes of his 2017 single “The Old East End Tonight”, which are due to be released in March 2023.


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