Exploring Sensual and Raw Desires with Stirring R&B Music: Singer-Songwriter Kacey Who Unveils New Single “Confess”

Kacey Who brings a unique musical vibe and character, establishing himself as a formidable new force in the world of R&B, with his refreshing new track.

Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom- November 5th, 2021 – Encompassing listeners with rich and immersive emotions, woven intricately within his song writing, talented singer-songwriter Kacey Who is set to take the world of R&B by storm. With the release of his debut single, “Confess”, the seasoned artist features a distinct vibe, which is echoed throughout the stirring track, enticing listeners to embrace their most authentic selves.

Slated to release on the artist’s official music platforms on the 5th of November, 2021, “Confess” is a discovery into one’s deepest and most inner desires, compelling listeners to look into themselves. Portraying a deeper insight into human need and desire, the single focuses on the reality that most people suppress their deepest desires and fantasies, urging listeners to delve into the depths of their own lives, confessing to their true thoughts, feelings, and sentiments.

“’The truth hides in plain sight’ and many people mask their true thoughts and feelings on a daily basis,” notes Kacey Who regarding the artistic inspiration behind the new single.

Invoking intense passion and fiery lust, whilst also embodying both virtues of good and bad, angelic and demonic, the eclectic artist lays emphasis over the continuous balance for light and dark within life. The vocals were written, recorded and produced by the artist independently at his home studio in Bristol. A contemporary R&B single, “Confess” is set to take listeners by storm, as they are given a magnetizing look into Kacey Who’s dynamic take on R&B, marked by his own unique style.

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Breaking barriers to create his own formidable rank in the world of R&B, promising, singer, artist and producer Kacey Who is driven to soar. Born and raised in Reading, United Kingdom, the talented artist has been adapting and defining his writing and production for 6 years, having also completed a degree within music production. A lover of astrology and mystical arts, Kacey Who was always enthralled by the allure of R&B and music in general, inspired to hone his own skills and talents.

Having constantly been on the move, living in the countryside, Camden and now residing in Bristol, Kacey has amassed a range of diverse life experiences. The dynamic artist has marked his stunning breakthrough into the industry with an incredible debut single, “Confess”, and is currently engrossed in making a music video to complement the single. Kacey is also working on his next single release and has a string of original releases lined up in the pipeline.


Name: Kacey Who
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