Fadojoe Praises the Fun Way

fadojoe reviewChristian music comes in many different forms and has gotten a makeover time and time again, but Fadojoe is doing something really well, fun with it. “Yahuze 4 Jesus” is truly an original. It’s not everyday you year Christian reggae. I’m sure it exists in the tropics but it really gives Christian music a kick. This song sounds like it’d be in the most lively church and would make non-believers want in on the party. The party is still going but a little less in your face and has a more romantic tone in “Wedding Bells.” That fun vibe and romance comes with “Leave it for God,” while “Thank U Lord” caps this off with a really great slow jam. Where would we be without giving thanks to the man we praise and who has blessed us with this world and life? Nowhere, that’s where. So it’s a nice sentiment and farewell to our time with a original spirit like Fadojoe.