Start the Day with Meredith Day

Meredith Day ReviewMeredith Day blends the best of both worlds with her faith and one of the purest genres out there. “What You Leave Behind” starts off with a reserved vocal performance that slowly gains confidence in the words being delivered. It’s a steady climb with a great overall message. In “Beautiful Life” Day showcases more of a bravado in the music. It’s a more lively track that tells a story that everyone can really relate to. “There’s Still Life In Me” is like a combination of the two. Her voice has this shy, angelic demeanor but the music has a country twang to it. Speaking of country, she goes full blown with “Traveling on 65.” It has that story like feel in the lyrics and that entertaining country bar sing-a-long vibe. If you’re a fan of contemporary Christian music with a country heart, check out Meredith Day today. (