Filled With Gripping Hooks And Catchy Tunes, Rising Folk Artist Kristian Phillip Valentino Unveils New Album

Singer-songwriter Kristian Phillip is set to once again take the folk music world by storm, with the release of his sensational new album.

Asheville, NC — Kristian Phillip Valentino is an uber talented singer-songwriter. His musical palate is a unique blend of folk, americana and hints of Indie, resulting in a refreshingly distinct and authentic sound. Not only is his music extremely enjoyable, so are his lyrics, filled with relatable prose, possessing the quality to heal the listener from their daily struggles. Since the release of his first EP, “A Prodigals Tale”, Kristian has garnered quite a huge fanbase and impressive critical acclaim. To his fans delight, the release of his latest album is ready to take him to even further heights of musical success.

With a very traumatic and unfortunate past, Kristian is the perfect example of resilience and hard work. He became homeless, lost his father, and went through a breakup, all within a month. To process all that he had been through, Kristian turned to songwriting and making music. He penned down his feelings and wrote songs as a form of catharsis. His songs resonate deeply with his listeners, taking them on a journey of navigating through their deepest feelings. The newest album explores the themes of heartbreak and growth in a very artistic and innovative fashion. As the name suggests, “For everything there is a season” uses the philosophy of the ever-changing seasons to depict different stages of human emotion with the passage of time. The plot is a love story that starts in Spring and weaves through the other seasons, leading to a breakup in the Winter. There are 12 songs, 3 for each season. Kristian wrote this complete album in just seven days, to process a relationship that had just ended. He hopes his songs can resonate with his fans and can serve as a “healing balm” for them.
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Kristian Phillip Valentino was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago but now resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. He is a singer and songwriter and has been making songs since 2010. Kristian had to face his fair share of troubles and unfortunate events, but that did not stop him. In fact, they drove him further to work harder and achieve his dreams. Kristian’s music is extremely versatile and unique. With incredibly powerful storytelling and compelling lyrics, and unique and catchy tunes, Kristian has made a great name for himself in the music industry. With his newest album, Kristian hopes to get even more listeners to enjoy and be part of the community he is building.


Kristian Phillip Valentino
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