Finding Himself After A Self-Discovering Hiatus: Jeffrey Kay Releases His Debut Country EP “Six String Believer”

Collingswood, New Jersey — March 1st 2022 –Jeffrey Kay’s five track led “Six String Believer” is an EP very telling of the grace and candor the artist reflects within not just the songwriting laid over the record, but also the production it coincides with.

Seconds into pressing play, the first track “Look At You Now” immediately catches the listener’s attention with a repetitive guitar hook and driving beat, blending elements of Rock and Country together with a relatable storyline eventually leading you into a pure sing-along experience. That experience is further enhanced by the rasp, power and true passion heard in Jeffrey’s vocal performance.

The second track “Whole Lot More” combines elements of more traditional Country instrumentation mixed with a taste of R&B flavor that leads into an explosive chorus featuring tight two part harmonies that grab your soul!

The production throughout the entire record truly keeps the listener’s ear asking for more from beginning to end. The longest song on the record i.e., the closer to the album – Mucha Nothin’  is a much more stripped back traditional Country tune and shows off Jeffrey’s personality and sense of humor continuing to always be a fan favorite during his live performances.

Available on all major streaming platforms, “Six String Believer” truly hits it out of the park and showcases the playing and writing skills of this extremely talented and gifted artist soon to take the Country music world by storm.

Visit Jeffrey’s channels to check out, download, and buy his music. Follow the artist on social media to keep track of and follow him along his musical journey, and feel free to contact through email for reviews, interviews and live bookings.



Jeffrey Kay is a self-made Country artist that grew up in the small town of Collingswood, New Jersey located not far from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and once made famous by the likes of “Little House On The Prarie” actor Michael Landon and singer Richard Sturban of the Oak Ridge Boys. He got an education in Country music at an early age from his grandparents who eventually ended up taking him to his very first concert…Willie Nelson and the Family Band with Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel as the opening act. Shortly afterwards he began taking formal guitar lessons which eventually led him to the prestigious music school Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree.

Not long after graduation, Jeffrey began playing with a number of regional pop/rock bands and quickly became a fixture in the Philadelphia music scene. During that time period he also began his studio session career and was introduced to the world of Radio/TV Jingles which not only gave him valuable studio recording experience but also helped him hone his songwriting skills. To date Jeffrey is still one of the most commercially recorded guitarists in Philadelphia history with literally hundreds of studio playing credits to his name.

Fast forward to now, after years of disappointment chasing the proverbial “record deal” including a twelve year run co-founding and playing guitar with the indie rock band Mercy River, Jeffrey decided it was time to take some time away from the music scene to work on himself personally as well as musically. It was during that time period that he finally realized what he thought had been missing for all those years had never really left him…his true love for Country music that had been engrained in his soul as a child.





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