First Time Girl Sings To Another Girl in the Country Music Genre: Country Sensation Kristen Tuff Scott Unveils New Single “Dancin’ Dress”

With her newest original composition, “Dancin’ Dress”, eclectic artist Kristen Tuff Scott stuns listeners once again with sensory and poignant music and lyricism, following up on her hit Country single, “Grandpa” which charted on the iTunes Top 40.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina – August 17th, 2021 – Sending ripples in the rich and soulful world of Country music, Kristen Tuff Scott is a rising singer-songwriter who is driven to captivate listeners with original music. Penning down authentic and soul-stirring compositions, the artist narrates raw emotions packaged seamlessly through her lyrical brilliance.

With the release of her new single, titled “Dancin’ Dress”, the eclectic artist is confident that she will be able to leave a lasting impression on the fabric of Country and Soul music. A powerhouse of talent, Kristen Tuff Scott showcases a unique and riveting narrative strength in her newest single. “Dancin’ Dress” recounts a stirring and mesmerizing Country song that a girl sings to another girl for the first time in Country Music, marked with stirring vocals and song writing.

The newest single follows up on the artist’s previous releases, “Grandpa” and “Clay County”- two raw and poignant singles which she released earlier in 2021, focusing on feelings that come straight from the heart. Kristen’s music embodies a uniquely personal touch, relaying a range of moving sentiments through music.

Having written over 100 original songs, Kristen Tuff Scott is a true lyricist who intends on producing musical compositions that are both relatable and have an authentic feel. With her distinguished and unfiltered approach towards music, the budding singer has successfully amassed several million fans over the last couple of years, and remains driven to sculpt a musical journey that is inimitable and inspiring.

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Up-and-coming singer and songwriter, Kristen Tuff Scott is a talented artist, who exhibits great musical prowess on diverse musical genres. Hailing from Piggott, Arkansas, Kristen Tuff Scott is both a prolific comedian and a stunning storyteller. Using music as her voice, the rising artist channels her life experiences and feelings into creative prose. Her passion for music has morphed her into a force to be reckoned with in the musical world.

Battling both health and social problems, the inspirational artist suffered from breast cancer in 2017, and had to undergo mastectomy. She also had to undergo two more surgeries for removal of moles. Following these tough procedures, Kristen had to fight the rumor mill and suspicions regarding her gender. However, unbothered by the brunt of rumors and societal pressures, the talented artist remains steadfast in her resolve to be her unapologetic best, and in 2020, Kristen also came out as a gay woman.



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