FIVES Reveal Sparkling Versatility With Bold & Emotional New ‘LIGHTSHŌ’ EP


Washington, DC – February 15, 2019 –  After firmly establishing themselves within the indie music-scene and solidifying their incredibly supportive fan-base with their studio debut EP Heart & Thunder in 2016 – Baltimore-based Indie/Pop/Alt-Rock band FIVES is officially back with their most creative, melodic, powerful, and all-out ambitious record to-date, the LIGHTSHŌ EP.

Designed to connect to the hearts & minds of everyone listening, the remarkably relatable material on LIGHTSHŌ plays like a mirror image of the thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams we all share.  Unafraid to boldly explore the highs and lows found within life and love, FIVES courageously explores both energetic and atmospheric vibes, finding unique approaches to each new song in a sincere effort to ensure that each moment is a part of an overall experience that resonates on an emotional-level, and possesses that intangible magic and indescribable feeling that only amazing music can truly provide.

Confidently stepping into the spotlight like never before, with a set of five stunning new songs on a brand-new EP that’s full of meaningful material & highly memorable hooks, FIVES shines brilliantly with their impressive melodies and songwriting – it all stacks up into an unforgettable experience that conclusively proves FIVES makes music to move YOU.

As a authentic result of staying true to themselves and making music they genuinely love and can fully stand behind, the unity shared between the songwriting team of Matt White & Marc Cashin of FIVES radiates from every song on the LIGHTSHŌ EP.

LIGHTSHŌ isn’t just another set of excellent songs; it’s an authentic reflection of how far the band has come with their music that reveals how truly special FIVES is…and how ready they are for that next level.

Join FIVES as they take over the charts & playlists worldwide in 2019 – they couldn’t do it without you!


FIVES is back with their sophomore release, LIGHTSHŌ EP.

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