harlequins enigma lets the big cats out with rock album raw tangent k

straume, hordaland — Saturday, August 17th, 2019 — Harlequins enigma & rock album “raw tangent k” this summer/fall is indeed a big cat that purrs, waiting to be cared for by rock n roll caretakers. this album is about extremities, rock ballads, & also easy listening. the fact that this album finally comes gives listeners the opportunity to fully explore the roar of the band in one place.

for the listeners who don’t like rock & grunge & Extreme electro, they are all adviced to check out Harlequins enigma’s summer singles instead, which are done in different genres. Harlequins enigma’s work over the years shows a strong side in rock/metal, Dance, classical, jazz & hip-hop. you might think they get ideas from a djinn, but it is all hard work & though åge did not get his genie wishes in this life, he had to make some of his own. On the microphone, it means a best of Collection from a period of 10 years, especially tweaked for the rockers in the world. this was all made possible & done With the help of sara jensen, Family & friends. åge tells fans & audience that the album is available for stream now on Spotify. you can hear it a couple of times on Bandcamp before a purchase, or you can run directly to google play, 7digital, CDBaby, Amazon, or iTunes to pick it up for the weekend & your favorite snack & drink.

to keep Things by the record åge riisnes quoted would be “one plus Zippo, Equals less than 1”. broken as åge has become of this musical adventure, he is eager to show fans their Works in proper ways. lately, he did start to release 1
genre only albums. he cares for the fans but is mentally broken. Still, he managed to release something new for the summer. ariel publicity rated “sixteen” 5 of 5 stars many years ago via reviewyou.com – it is certain that the tracks onboard the album is of Equal high quality since Harlequins Enigma had a large database of wav files that were filtered in a quality comparing process over the years. Harlequins enigma speaks the same Language as other rock bands & metal bands, & promise that the album is a New experience With electronica in Focus.

Harlequins Enigma was founded in 2008 by åge riisnes & sara jensen. the name Harlequins enigma should mean much to åge now that he is lying ill. he always thought of Harlequins enigma as a hope for something better in 2 separate
worlds. åge & Sara is happy With this album & said to remind you that it took a hell of a beating during the way to completion, as With all of Harlequins enigma’s Works.

Harlequins enigma summed up would be Chase (big cat). definetely i think åge is being chased not only by fans, but also by birds which he says he loves, & hooligans which he hate. though åge has a thoroughly worked through album  here, he surely isn’t gonna let hooligans ruin his dream of making it someday. “raw tangent k” is an album With bite. some of it is raw, some are little chickens but don’t let that fool you. this most anticipated release is available to rock
you & get you in special moods. the music is instrumental & can be heard over. åge & Sara hope you agree & support them via stream or purchase.

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Harlequins enigma produces non-boundary experimental Electronic Music in a variety of genres including rock & industrial/electronic. for those about to rock should hear this Collection of rarities to end Your restlessness in pursue of a good track. Harlequins enigma’s recognizes 10 genres in their discography, which only makes them stronger & more experienced. Harlequins enigma is a band of Composers & producers, they will never stand on stage, this wasn’t their intention.



harlequins enigma
blombakkane 25, 5354 straume, hordaland, norway

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