Floridian Fire from FunkT

Floridian Fire from FunkTA garage rock guitarist turned turntable wizard is sweeping through the South like a Floridian heat wave, riding the thumping and electric beats of FunkT. Emerging as one of the hottest young DJs in the Tampa scene, this rising star picked up the turntables in 2005 and never looked back, creating heavy electronic house music which serve as the soundtrack to clubs across the state.

While generating a lineup of bona fide dance hits, FunkT quickly began work on his latest release, A New Era, which is expected to drop in December 2011. Described as a mix of Electro House and Dub-Step with a hint of Progressive House, each track displays a skilled blending of styles, as he continuously blurs the lines between genres. Check out “Can You Feel This” and “Mystery” to see what FunkT is truly all about.