Deirdre Loosli's Feminine Grasp

Deirdre Loosli’s Feminine Grasp

Deirdre Loosli's Feminine GraspRemember when you would spend hours on end on MySpace, making your profile just right with the perfect background, shifting your top 8 friends around depending on your mood and posting pointless bulletins? Today MySpace is a relic when it comes to socializing, but it is still a safe haven for musicians and for fans to discover new artists. One of those artists could be Deirdre Loosli. She is a pop artist with an R&B twist who will remind music fans of Nicole Scherzinger minus all the Dolls. On Deirdre’s MySpace, one can hear a pair of songs that are just enough to grasp her sound. Six Days is a total female jam. It is about wanting more time from your man, while Joy has a more laid back feel that showcases more of the R&B in Deirdre’s vocal abilities. If you are into music that encompasses the feminine mystique, then head to MySpace and check out what Deirdre Loosli is working with. (