Deirdre Loosli’s Feminine Grasp

Deirdre Loosli's Feminine GraspRemember when you would spend hours on end on MySpace, making your profile just right with the perfect background, shifting your top 8 friends around depending on your mood and posting pointless bulletins? Today MySpace is a relic when it comes to socializing, but it is still a safe haven for musicians and for fans to discover new artists. One of those artists could be Deirdre Loosli. She is a pop artist with an R&B twist who will remind music fans of Nicole Scherzinger minus all the Dolls. On Deirdre’s MySpace, one can hear a pair of songs that are just enough to grasp her sound. Six Days is a total female jam. It is about wanting more time from your man, while Joy has a more laid back feel that showcases more of the R&B in Deirdre’s vocal abilities. If you are into music that encompasses the feminine mystique, then head to MySpace and check out what Deirdre Loosli is working with. (