Introducing Aaron Toronto, the Melodious Troubadour

Listeners Tug on Their Heartstrings With Aaron Toronto’s Musical Releases

Brookings, South Dakota – April 10, 2021 –  Aaron Toronto is a musician who found himself drawn to the creative arts at an early age. From piano lessons and theatre performances to guitaring and composing, Aaron has done it all. After fronting several bands, Aaron has gone solo to make a name for himself as a musician who creates honest and vulnerable yet fun pop/rock music.

Currently, he has some great hits on major music platforms like Spotify. His singles “Caught Up” and “Usual Places” have both accumulated over 20,000 plays on Spotify. Aaron’s music style is influenced by the works of other pop artists like Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Jason Mraz, Barenaked Ladies, Sting, and Elton John.

Aaron’s poetic lyricism dives deep into the specificity of his personal experiences. His music, a perfect blend of his happiness, joy, pain, and hurt, take his listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotion. His smooth, melodic tunes and his story-telling vocal delivery style captivate anyone’s attention.

His current release, You Make Me Smile, is an up tempo ode to love in the early morn sure to make you smile. With upcoming releases, Aaron hopes to build connections with new fans by tugging on the heartstrings of those who resonate with his message.

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Aaron Toronto is a musician from Brookings, South Dakota. Although he has experienced success in many creative endeavors, including licensing his film, Face 2 Face, to Netflix, singing is his biggest passion. Over the years, he’s written almost 100 songs and has fronted bands such as Fenderhead, Damn Sexy Man, and The Bliss. A troubadour at heart, Aaron is quickly gaining attention for his melodious songs and unique vocal stylings that convey much emotion and spirit.




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