Ayeesha E Releases Her New Single, “Stay Around”

Listen to Ayeesha E, an Up-and-Coming Artist, and Her Latest Feel-Good Single

Huntsville, Alabama – Ayeesha E is a singer-songwriter whose career can be traced back to as early as 5 years old when she began singing. She found her home and comfort among choirs, singing background vocals, writing lyrics, and doing studio work. Now she is pursuing her solo music career to sing soulful songs and mesmerize listeners with her heartfelt lyrics.

“Stay Around” is Ayeesha’s newest single. She wrote this original song and had the final music piece produced by Byron Stanfield based in Detroit, Michigan. This song’s energy has the classic modern feel to it, to which Ayeesha added her own old-school music twist. It acts as a tribute to healthy relationships, conveying to listeners the importance of enduring long journeys in order to reach the ones they love.

“Stay Around” has already caught the attention of many audiophiles who enjoy Ayeesha’s old school charm in her music. Her songs are inspired by her childhood days when she religiously listened to Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, Sade, Jill Scott, India Arie, and D’Angelo.

By making music, Ayeesha E hopes to help listeners with her message about love and the ups and downs that come with it. Listeners can look forward to another single and an EP release by the artist this year. Further down the line, she wants to explore the depth of her musical skills by lending them to other artists for songwriting purposes.

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Ayeesha E is a musician from Huntsville, Alabama. Ayeesha enjoys singing most genres of music but primarily sings R&B, alternative R&B, and neo-soul music. She grew up listening to old-school legends in the music industry, which influenced her passion for the same. Her melodic vocals and songwriting talent has won her opportunities to sing with some Grammy Award winners in the past. After a long hiatus due to her personal life, Ayeesha found her way back to her first love, music.




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