MicQuail is Nothing but Love and Soul

MicQuail is Nothing but Love and SoulWhen you have a natural talent, do no waste it. That is the case with MicQuail. Right now Fort Wayne, IN is where he rests his head, but if he continues to work on music, he might be around the world soon. There is no denying that MicQuail can carry a tune, and hold a note. Here are some other reasons why you should listen to MiCQuail, the songs that are full of soul and charisma. Love is an essential part of the R&B experience. This is true because 99.9% of R&B songs consist of making love, being in love, and the basics of love. MicQuail knows this and has created a good dose of love songs from his end. The Love is a pretty sounding ditty, while Been Good gives off a more sensual love vibe than the other. WrongRight is another soulful gem, and All In Your Mind talks of faith and shows MicQuails standards in life. The only one that was a miss was Urthegun. It was on the flip side of the rest; too hip hop for the others. If you like artists who are as graceful with their pipes as D’Angelo and Usher, then you are going to want to check out MicQuail. (https://www.reverbnation.com/micquail)