Chris Crain Made the Effort and it Paid Off

Chris Crain Made the Effort and it Paid OffThank you Chris Crain, thank you for taking the time to put together an album. The Better Project is not only packaged nicely, but well produced and comes across as a true effort from an independent artist. It is easy to write and record a song, but Chris Crain took the extra step to make sure his craft went out sharp. His soulful ways on The Better Project are comparable to the R&B ways of R. Kelly. Both men inhabit that gospel feel in their vocals that makes an audience stand up and listen. Songs like Soul Ties and One Day are smooth from start to finish; never a bump in the road. The other half of the record plays like a hopeful note. Be Free is about the power of freedom, while Better is about faith. Both are reminders of believing. Chris Crain, thank you again for a well thought out record. The Better Project is out now. (