Don Conoscenti Does Timeless Folk

Don Conoscenti Does Timeless FolkThere is something about music that resonates with decades like the 60s and 70s that is not only peaceful, but filling. That is when singer/songwriters had something to say and did it in such a manner that was light and airy, but still packed a punch and made you listen. That is what I felt when listening to Don Conoscentis Turn Here. His album from 2009 is new to me and probably new to you, but it feels like a throwback to when music was still made from the soul. Mona Lisa has a Bob Dylan quality to it and was straight up and down folk music. What Else Could I Do took a more serious tone, while Full Time Fool gave off a lounge singer feel. It was not all folk though, Great Divide was slow and bluesy. Don Conoscenti also did a cover of Hallelujah that is stunning. Really, it is hard to go wrong with a song like that though. It is timeless. If you are a fan of folk music that has a nostalgic tone to it, then check out not only Don Conoscentis Turn Here, but everything from his discography from now all the way back to the early 90s, and make sure to enjoy every step of the musical journey. (