Kym Larsen and the Rock and Roll Royalty

Kym Larsen and the Rock and Roll RoyaltyKym Larsen is a female musician who puts a lot of pressure on herself by covering one of the greats, but she pulls through. “Rock N Roll Queen” tells the story of the rock royalty rather than displays it. If you were expecting this Pat Benatar like song, you expected wrong. Kym Larsen’s soft voice carries the song well. I was going to say that if you’re a fan of Stevie Nicks and wanted someone who was obviously influenced by the Fleetwood Mac singer, then you’ll have to listen to Kym Larsen but she beat to it kind of by covering Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman” and doing the original proud. You have to respect anyone who takes on a band like Fleetwood Mac. Back to the originals though, “Ready for a Landing,” has a little more flare than the other and the cover. It’s a bit more up-tempo and showcases a more fun side of Larsen’s musical abilities. Rounding things out is “All I Ever Wanted.” It could go well is the other upbeat song musically. Kym Larsen has a nice blend of the serious tracks and the ones that let her let loose a little. If you’re a fan of Nicks, check out Kym Larsen. (