Eddie West and His Album Natural Philosophy

Eddie West and His Album Natural PhilosophyEddie West’s Album Natural Philosophy
Eddie West is a folk singer/songwriter from Princeton with an album titled “Natural Philosophy.” On it you’ll find laid back songs like “Meditation.” With that you can just sit back and see the summer day it paints a clear picture of. Eddie seems to take the long route at the beginnings of his song, he did with the last one we mentioned and then again with “Eyeshadow of Gold” and “Candy Mae.” This isn’t to kill time; it’s to showcase the musicianship of a man who isn’t just a voice, or a songwriter. West shows he can do all the things that come with making music. He continues to do so as we see and hear the buildups throughout “The Light” and find solace in the timid ways of “Search.” “Natural Philosophy” wraps up with the natural tone of “Flower Season.” If you’re a fan of folk music that verges on light rock, check out Eddie West. You can actually get the record for a “name your price” price at his site. (https://www.eddiewestmusic.com/)