Mr. Unknown Makes Romance Well Known

Mr. Unknown Makes Romance Well KnownMr. Unknown is the musical representation of Valentine’s Day. His songs are so romantic, Cupid wants to hire him. “I Was Wrong” is a song that every woman will love because it puts what they’ve always knew to song; that the man is always wrong. That’s not the only reason though. Mr. Unknown can sing and that’s apparent with one note into this song. Right away “You Got Me” reminds me of the sincere classics we’ve come to know from hit makers like R. Kelly. Mr. Unknown gets real with “Hard Times” but it’s hard to tell when the vocals are so clean — You can do nothing but agree to his orders when he sings “Listen To Me.” He picks things up just a bit with “Rock Your Body,” but not by much because it’s still this smooth, sexy flow of R&B coming through the speakers that just make you groove nice and slow. Speaking of sexy, that gets put into high gear with “Up Inside My Bed.” If you’re a fan of sensual R&B that’s both romantic and sensual, check out Mr. Unknown. (