Ty Dolla Explodes Across New York

Ty Dolla Explodes Across New YorkNew York’s underground hip hop scene continues to explode, thanks to the urban flow and impeccable skills of explosive young rappers such as Ty Dolla. With years of experience and more than a dozen mixtape appearances, he’s gradually become one of the most influential up and comers throughout the Northeast.

As part of the growing A.T.M. (Addicted to Money) Entertainment family, Ty Dolla continues to collaborate with his fellow artists, using his rhythm and versatility to create infectious hip hop tracks. The “Bout Money” remix is already blowing up internet radio, as it already generated over 30,000 plays on MySpace thanks to a heavy duty beat and an insanely catchy chorus. From the packed clubs to the bustling city streets, Ty Dolla is spreading like wildfire.