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Gleason, TN —New Artist Cameron Haag(Ready for lift off)

That dirt road and all the dreams made on it are real today for 18 year old Cameron Haag. And he is going to take full advantage of it all. Every bit of luck and information given to him to develop his talents. Cadiz Kentucky is the responsible landmark which molded this young man. It will be his base of operations for his music career.

Cameron won a talent competition at the Gleason Harvest Fest in October of 2022. He received the opportunity to work with record producer JoJo Gator (Joe Rainone) a 40-year veteran of the music business and owner of “The Farm” recording studio in Gleason Tennessee. Cameron was enlisted into what Gator calls his “Pop Star Prep school.”

Cameron has been writing and recording a full length LP produced by Gator and his partner Steve Lupo. A deal has been made with Sony’s The Orchard to release Cameron’s project called “68 to Heartbreak” The release is coming out in May. Cameron’s record is a blend of country, rock and alternative music. It’s a great blend and a crowd pleaser live. Cameron has been writing for a couple years and has hit the mark with this group of songs.

The first single is “Keep Your Space” and will be delivered to radio and social media in a couple of weeks.
“This kid has IT”. Says Gator. “He’s got that true grit and fabulous lyrics. Real deal stuff. His songs are very cool”
Cameron Haag is part of the new class of country music marchers and soldiers keeping the beat going and the Honky Tonks pumping with fresh new music.
For more detailed information or a copy of “Keep Your Space” to review please contact Gator Aid Entertainment at 863-812-1637

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A love for country and southern rock music was a part of  his up bringing. It was just in his late teen years he began to write his own music and explore playing a guitar. As a self-taught artist and vocalist, he stats “I am still finding my own style.” Describing his current music style as alternative-Country mixed with southern rock and blues.  “At only 18 years old, I feel blessed to have this opportunity.” says Cameron.


Cameron Haag
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