Forever Lasting Impression

Atlanta, Ga — The Most Influential Independent Music Conglomerate out of Atlanta Georgia. Artist of different styles and different genres creating one sound.

The entertainment industry needs a makeover and its time for a face lift. ATL has been leading the way in the Hip Hop culture for decades now. No need to stop now. The new generation is here FLI Entertainment Inc aka FLIE (FLI Ent).

“If it ain’t FLI it don’t apply… FLI shyt only”

Opening the FLIE flagship location in 2023. The location will be the most entertaining, uniquely designed event space in the nation. A place where entertainment, customer service, and education have a love triangle.

The vision will always be to leave an impression on the entertainment industry that lasts forever. The mission is to influence the narrative of the Hip Hop culture in ways that bring change, peace, and prosperity to the industry. The goal is NOW…

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Artist Fastmoneybenji out of Macon, Ga leads the way at FLIE. Followed by several other artists from different regions of the US including a 9 year old rap sensation by the name Prince Zi. It’s only UP from here.


Name: Ellis Campbell
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 7707562884




Source: ArtistPR