Frank Deno Introduces His Latest LP, ‘Pisces Vision’

Watch Out for Frank Deno’s Latest Hip-Hop Album Coming Soon

New Orleans, Louisiana – For Frank Deno, creating music is about composing a well-balanced mix of instrumental and lyrical flow. Frank is a hip-hop and rap artist. He endlessly strives to put out energetic music with reflective lyrics that resonate with listeners on an emotional level.

Frank has announced the release of his highly anticipated album ‘Pisces Vision’ which is his 4th LP. As is the case with every Frank Deno album, this album is carefully crafted, with each song having its own unique sound. The artist engages in a soulful production process to compose lyrics that visualize the emotional ups and downs of everyday southern living. The end result is a gripping musical experience that is hypnotic and cleverly delivered.

Frank’s musical trajectory has been moving upwards ever since the release of his first album, ‘Live From The Plantation.’ In July 2020, Frank released one of his most popular singles yet, “Terrified.” Other singles like “Kwanza Flow” and “A-100” have earned him impressive reviews by several musical critics. Jon Wright, a trained musical educator, describes “A-100” as “Well balanced between driving energies and spacious sounds….Frank Deno strives to elevate authenticity and determination.”

‘Pisces Vision’ is a musical adventure that uses the natural lyrical flow that transports the listeners to the southern lifestyle. This creative atmospheric experience combined with the melodic drums by Frank makes this album the total package. The album is set to release on December 25, 2020. Hip-hop music lovers should surely be on the lookout for this album.

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Frank Deno is an acclaimed hip-hop artist from New Orleans, Louisiana. Frank has overcome countless obstacles by working hard to keep his musical experience moving forward. First-time listeners and his fanbase alike have raved about the attention to detail in his music. The artist places equal importance on both the instrumental ensemble and the vocals. His hip-hop and rap style bears the authenticity and class of the original hip hop era artists.



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