From the Point of View of Truth: David Bryan Group Releases Its First Album

David Bryan, founder of the DGB, released a latest album which forms his autobiography

Tampa, FL – February 3rd, 2021 – David Bryan, the founder and songwriter for the David Bryan Group (DGB), is an up-and-coming artist who already has an album to his credit. Everything the DGB does, creates, or produces is guided by a simple principle of creating uplifting music. This can be most vividly witnessed in the group’s album, “Day After Night.”

The band has released the album after two years of consistent hard work. It consist of ten songs that form the autobiography of the founder, David Bryan, by capturing different events from his life. His songs offer unique spiritual, physical, and mental rejuvenation, allowing both the songwriter and the listener to move forward with renewed zeal.

An interesting aspect of the songs comprising the album is the concept of “truth” behind them. David Bryan believes and advocates for the pursuit of truth, and this is reflected in the songs he creates and the lyrics he weaves together with insightful words and thoughtful reflections.





David Bryan is a singer, song-writer, and guitarist. I’ve been writing music for 15 years. The DBG (David Bryan Group) is a newly formed band made up of a diverse group of musicians who perform original music. David is the founder and writes all of the bands songs, plays the guitar, and sings. Tim Diehl plays drums and is a highly accomplished musician. He has performed both locally and nationally. Steven Schumacher plays bass and sings and played locally for 25 years also performs with the Urbane Cowboys. Bill Tinly is an accomplished keyboard artist has been proffering in local groups for 10 years. Craig Rutz is from Chicago and performed professionally for 30 years. The band just released their new album “Day after Night.”



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