From the Small Town to the Music World: Emerging Artist Dotty Blue Unveils New Single “Leaving”

Encapsulating the polar realities of life, with happiness and positivity (the Dotty side) and the harsh and mellow truths (the Blues side), rising artist Dotty Blue is establishing her unique identity blending together Folk, Pop and Blues in her own style.

FALUN, Dalarnas län, Sweden – May 2nd, 2021 – Up-and-coming singer and songwriter Dotty Blue is a true force in the dynamic and diverse world of Blues, Electronic and Rock music. A multi-genre talent, the rising artist is driven and psyched to win hearts and souls with refreshing and soulful new release, “Leaving”.

Blending together the enriching and stirring genres of Blues and Electronic music, Dotty Blue’s new single is dominated by memorable lyricism and songwriting which is bound to become a favourite for fans of the Blues and Electronic music. Dotty Blue’s music highlights the very polarities of life, dotted with highs and lows, delivered through striking and rhythmic compositions.

Complemented by a fitting music video, the new single “Leaving” is a precursor to the rising artist’s upcoming album “Oh the glamour!”, which she aims to put out in September 2021. “Oh the glamour!” will build on the growing artist’s stellar discography and present a record which is rooted in traditional Blues but also infused with electronic influences- much like her new single. Dotty Blue’s music is an amalgamation of soft synthesizers, blending together the singer’s sharp and mesmerizing vocal prowess, and ultimately producing a seamless and natural flow.

Dotty Blue’s music accents the perfect blend of the budding artist’s melodies and songwriting with her husband Henning’s harmonizing sense. With their unique creative sense and focused musical vision, the duo is set to produce rich and riveting compositions, eager to perform live and enter the great music scene of Europe.

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Budding vocalist, composer, producer, and sound engineer Erika Iljero-Winnberg, known better by her artistic name Dotty Blue, is a true icon of Blues and Pop. Together with her husband and co-producer Henning, the artist puts out stunning tracks under her artistic identity Dotty Blue. Debuting in 2009 with her record “Perfect (free) choice”, Dotty Blue has evolved her vocal and musical genius.

In 2016, she released the album “Little High Little Low”, which was met with great acclaim, winning the Dalecarlia Music Awards in 2017, as the Best Album of the Year. In 2019, the growing artist showcased sheer brilliance as she collaborated with Pyrakite for the single “Popcorn Brain”. In early spring of 2021 the single “Traces” was released along with a music video, starring brilliant actress Michaela Berner. Having released a new single titled “Leaving”, Dotty Blue is currently composing her album “Oh the glamour!”, planned to be released in September 2021, which will be followed by an original Swedish album in 2022.




Name: Dotty Blue
Email Address: [email protected]