From the writer of America Oh America comes Walk The Streets Of Glory

Pittsgrove, NJ — Joe Baby, the artist who wrote America Oh America, releases new single Walk The Streets Of Glory.  A song inspired by the passing of the late John Lewis, it talks about the rewards waiting on the other side for all who have joined the struggle of equal rights for everyone.

Joe, like many others was greatly impacted by the life of John Lewis.  He decided to put his thoughts and feeling into words and music that celebrates not only his life, but his achievements in the civl rights movement.  All who have benefited from his great work will appreciate the moving goodbye that Joe sends him off with using the phrase “…now walk the streets of glory”.  Joe is saying, “…now go enjoy your well earned rewards.”.  Walk The Streets Of Glory is available where all music is sold and streamed and it’s available now.

“I was thinking about how John started on the national civil rights stage with Martin Luther King, Rev Abernathy, and Andrew Young and a host of others that I can’t remember that should all have our respect.  Some have left us like Mr Lewis and some are still with us and continuing on with the fight, like Rev Jesse Jackson.  I know they all will be assured their proper place in history when they walk the streets of glory.” – Joe Baby

Walk The Streets Of Glory has a soulful and spiritual quality to it that feels both fresh and familiar at the same time.  Joe continues to walk the line of dancing with the sound of the past and bringing it into the present.  It is relevant to our times and the issues we face.  It should be in everyone’s music collection.

Although Joe is 74, he masterfully shows that his prowess as a songwriter is still a force to be reckoned with.  His passion for his genre and the issues of his and future generations comes through clearly and creatively.

You owe it to yourself to go listen to this song and then add it to your music collection.  Use this link for Spotify or Apple Music.




Joe was born on May 6, 1947 in South Carolina. He always loved music and wanted to do what he’s doing now. In 1962 he joined his first music group, The Willy McCrae Boys, singing spirituals. He left them and went into the marines in ’65 and served until 1969.  Joe started a family in 1971 and his wife Eliza would always tell him like it is and would be honest if things didn’t sound right. Joe joined the band, Soul Spindle Review, in 1980 and was with them until 1991. They were only interested in doing covers and he wanted to do originals. Joe didn’t know as much about music then as he does now. So he wasn’t able to go forward with his own songs until he met some God sent friends, Wayne and Steve, that have helped getting his songs recorded.


Joe Baby
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