Fusing the genres of Hip Hop and Rap according to their music style with finesse: Presenting to the world RocBox

Through their unique artistic ability of melding Hip Hop and Rap into smash hit tunes and future bangers, RocBox is considered a true legend in the making.

Lynwood California – (PR Release date) – Up-and-coming band RocBox is a artists who have come together for the sake of music and his undying passion for it. The emerging artist is hoping to put forth its musical talent and skills for the entire world to see with the release of a brand new single. The single is titled “Yah Gone Hear Me” and it was released earlier this year in the month of January, 2021.

He is a recording artist possessing a passion for Hip Hop and Rap. Following the release of the single “Yah Gone Hear Me”, a music video for it was also released the very next month. The music video features producers  involved in this project rapping and dancing along to the catchy beat of the song. For the most part of the song, RocBox worked all by himself from the songwriting process to the vocals and hard-hitting rap. The production process was carried out by two producers namely, Eddie Paper and Knockout. Along with the producers, RocBox got in the studio and together they became an unstoppable team – a true force to be reckoned with.

The music style of RocBox is heavily based on Hip Hop and Rap with a hint of Soul. This artist naturally gifted when it comes to the possession of a unique musical sense and understanding. This sense of creativity and artistic individuality that shines through their music is incredible and not something that can be seen in the works of that many artists. RocBox plays around the themes of Hip Hop while incorporating self-written Rap verses throughout the songs. This fusion of two great music genres into a smash hit single is an amazing art and that’s why RocBox is considered a artist who know their craft.

The single “Yah Gone Hear Me” is considered one of the biggest achievements in the artist career due to its significance in the Hip Hop genre. The song was composed in a way which was meant to bring back the roots of Hip Hop while expressing issues from an adult’s perspective. Listening to the song, it can be concluded that RocBox was quite successful in its attempt.

RocBox has made a name for himself as a Hip Hop artist which is well on his way to take over the world of Hip Hop and it continues to grow and strengthen with each passing day.





RocBox is a artist which was started back in 1983. He is CEO of RhymeRocca Entertainment from Lynwood, California. He is one of the most prominent recording artists in that region.

Growing up, his source of inspiration was the Sugarhill Gang. The lead rapper from RocBox says that as a child, when he first heard the song Rappers Delight by the Sugarhill Gang, he knew exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.




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