Gabriel Olteanu Scores Life

Gabriel Olteanu Scores LifeMovies started out with no words, but there was always sound. That is how important music is to a films score. Gabriel Olteanu recognizes that fact and it seems has made it one of his missions, goals, in life to score a feature film with the music he creates with a world of sound and sometimes lyrical content. With his beats, sounds and gadgets by his side, there is not a scene that Gabriel cannot set. If one was looking to set the mood for a night out at the club, a rave even, they would not have to look much further than Gabriel, for he has a tone of that up his sleeve. One Last Time (Separate Ways), Loves Ephiphany and Night Life are a perfect fit for a club atmosphere, from the big cities to the desert festivals inhabited by people of all ages, just yearning to dance the night away. What about those who want nothing more than to headbang? Gabriel has that in his bag of tricks too. When he takes on the rock, things get a little 80s. Songs like Sunset Love and Homeless Friday Night sound like the just walked off stage at the famous Whisky on Hollywoods Sunset Strip. There are also songs for other events like action packed sequences and renaissance fairs. Gabriel Olteanu has a mighty fine talent and if you are looking to put music with your film, check him out. (