Steven Paul Worships Musically

Steven Paul Worships MusicallySteven Paul is not a man who writes rhymes or Top 40 tracks to be forgotten in a month’s time. He is a man who writes for his faith and beliefs; a Christian artist who puts everything he has into his music. Steven’s voice is masculine and at times low, but that does not mean his words will not be able to life your spirits high. His religion shines through with songs like the praiseful “Son of God, Son of Man” and “Desperately.” Another soft pace track is “I Saw Jesus” and “Christmas Just Aint’ Christmas.” It is when the speed changed up, that is when you got another side of Steven. That side was as faithful as the other, but this side was a little more upbeat and lively. Things got catchy with “I’ve Given Up On Giving Up On You” and just took a little break with the mid-tempo of “Lord, You Are My Friend.” One thing is for sure, if you are a lover of the Lord, then this music is for you. There’s nothing like finding a good, modern worship song to fall into. If you are a fan of music you could hear at your church picnic or Sunday service, then check out Steven Paul before you do anything else today. (