Marcos Gomez Has Potential

Marcos Gomez Has PotentialThere are more aspiring singers in the world than ones who will go on to be household names and the elite on the Top 40 Billboard charts. Those who spend every bit of their waking moment wishing on stars to be the next Justin, Britney, Gaga – those are the ones who have a lot of drive and passion. That’s what you have to have, right? Well Marcos Gomez seems to have all of that but he does need to sharpen up the edges if he wants to make a name for himself. He actually impresses more with his own song, “Following My Dreams” rather than the cascade of covers found on his YouTube page. All of them are a little below the marker and with practice and some vocal lessons to learn to project and control – Marcos will improve and do better. He’s tackled Idol winners like Carrie Underwood and her “See You Again,” radio mainstays like Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man” and Adele’s “Rolling in the Dee.” Again, learning to control and then really hit those marks to make for those “wow” moments is what Marcos really needs to work on. Keep an eye out for this music hopeful. (