Garret Thomas Leaves the Rock to the Music

Garret Thomas Leaves the Rock to the MusicMusic does not need words. That is the case with a lot of music out there in the world. There is classical, hip hop and even rock that is all about the keys, the beats and the guitar. That is what Garret Thomas and his music is all about. He is a rocker whose influence is clearly Stevie Ray Vaughan and Sammy Hagar with the excess of riffs and whatnot. Fun Time is all about bringing the rock to the forefront of Garrets sound. It is a quickie though, so do not let your mind wander or you will miss it. It is a teaser, so it makes you yearn for more. I Sealed My Faith will remind older folks of the 80s rock scene and bring back fond memories of tailgating before their favorite concerts. The Lost Train of Souls sounds similar to the previous, but turns out a wild side towards the middle that cannot be ignored. Into the Gates of Heaven is a different pace than the rest, an obvious softer side for the sensitive rockers out there, while Bed Time Story brings the rock full circle. It is not your typical night time tale. Garret Thomas might not say much, well anything, when it comes to lyrics in his music, but he is still able to connect with the rock fans out there who are fans of a good dose of guitar. (