DaMaDa is Taking Risks

DaMaDa is Taking RisksDaMaDa is a group that is heavily influenced by Chinese minority tribes. That is not something one hears every day, neither is the music if one is not ravaging through the internet to stumble upon an Asian speaking musical act. Alas here is DaMaDa in all their eccentric glory. They are eccentric to those who are not familiar with the language or style of the music, but they might just be the norm in China. Nevertheless they have more than a handful of songs for listeners to enjoy. Good Morning Miao Mountain sounds like experimental pop with a 70s base. If that is not interesting, do not know what is. Tai Yang (Sun Drum) appears to have a lot of screaming along with native sounding drums. That must be the tribal influence. Wan Wande Yue Liang appears to be the ballad of the DaMaDa bunch with it sounding the most heartfelt. With all the Asian sounding titles, there were English ones as well, like A Red Heart and Crest. Both were not sung in English though, but Crest did sound American in the musical sense. Lastly, Good News from Beijing sounded like a Broadway showtune with its theatrical bursts. DaMaDa is for people who like to take risks when it comes to discovering new music. (www.damada.net)