Geinos Hot New Album Is Guaranteed To Make Audiences Move

Geinos Hot New Album Is Guaranteed To Make Audiences Move

‘I Want To Do Your Hair’ Available Now 


Portland, Oregon – May 23, 2020 – Geinos is a hairstylist by day and a musician by night. Marrying his two passions, he set out to create a record that breathed life into the dancefloor. Now we’re proud to say he’s done just that with the release of his first studio single remix album ‘I Want To Do Your Hair.’ 

‘I Want To Do Your Hair’ opens with the original in all its glory. Pulsating beats from the press of play invite any and everyone onto the dancefloor as the Right Said Fred-esque vocals proclaim the sentiment, “I Want To Do Your Hair.” It’s one of those songs that you could hear anywhere from the club to the runway as the combination of the beat Geinos vocals give both nightlife and high fashion all at once. The rest of the record features not only four remixes of the track, but a French version as well; “Je Veux Te Coiffer.” 

“Geinos’ I Want to Do You Hair manages to find a tone that is deadly serious and completely humorous- balanced solidly on a bed of thick EDM drum and bass. Simplistic in theme and straightforward in message, I Want to Do Your Hair manages to turn Geinos’ desire to tame manes into a massive dance vibe- immersive, inescapable, and impossible to keep still.” – Jon Wright, musician

Geinos grew up in the heart of Kansas City, MO where his love of both music started as he soon found himself in the opera realm. Today this classically trained musician is also a hairstylist who has found a way to combine his love of dance with hair. He notes, “This record is a childhood dream come true. I am committed to the dance floor and I would love for folks to find a reason to dance and laugh at the same time especially now.” 

“I Want To Do Your Hair” is available worldwide on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Bandcamp, YouTube, Amazon, Google Play Music Pandora, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, Napster Jango, Deezer, SoundCloud, Yandex, Saavn, Discogs and more. The record was also pressed on 300 limited edition violet vinyls for collectors and music lovers out there. 

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Geinos presents his debut single remix album, ‘I Want To Do Your Hair,’ available now on all major streaming platforms. 

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