Get Ready For Some New Healing Music

Two new singles, “Pieces” and “Wheel in the Middle,” to be released soon

Beverly Hills, California – March 22nd, 2021 – Music that is sung from emotions and inspired by great life experiences stands out like none other. American singer and novelist Lady Saundra is an accomplished musician who uses her profession to spread positivity, grace, and comfort.

Focused on the pop genre, her music is catchy, easy to sing along to, and mood uplifting. The artist is gifted with soft and sweet vocals – ideal for alleviating the listener’s mood. Her smooth and elegant voice paired with her singing style make for a composition uniquely set to heal and give the listener hope. In fact, this is what the artist wants to accomplish with her music – to give people hope that things will improve so that they look forward to living a fulfilling life.

Lady Saundra’s songs are intended to convey a meaningful lesson to the listener, as most of them are inspired by major life events. For example, her song “He Rules” is a reminder to people that God is with his people at all times. It was released after the singer came out of a personal battle of great importance.

In recent news, Lady Saundra is set to release two new singles, “Pieces” and “Wheel in the Middle.” The second new single is another instance of her being inspired by a life event and creating touching music out of it. The artist wishes for her listeners to take away one very useful message: to have faith in God and to let him take the wheel.

Lady Saundra also has a great team to back her musical accomplishments. Her producer, Barry Fasman, aka THE FOZ, has produced for artists like Diana Ross, Placindo Domingo, and Air Supply.

Once the pandemic ends, Lady Saundra wishes to go on a performance tour and then return to her studio to work on another new project.

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Sandra Chriss, popularly known as Lady Saundra, is an established contemporary gospel artist. Starting off her music career in the church, she even performed for various evangelical ministries and even had an illustrious music theater career. Lady Saundra’s music explores themes of nature where she finds serenity and strength. Her music is inspired by her life’s experiences and how she powered through them with God by her side. Her plans include producing albums and performing in stadiums, and writing more books.




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