Get Romantic with Vocol

VocolVocol has a dirty side in his romance. We had to make a choice where to start and “Decisions” was ironically it. It’s a nice, soft song that really glides into your ears from the press of play. It has that old school, let’s talk over the beat for a romantic touch aspect to it at parts. In “Heartbeat” the vocals are stronger than in the last but I really want to hear him bring it, like let out that Whitney note. The mood changes with “I’m Guilty.” Before this one, things had been all R&B and romance. With this one Vocol goes a little off the rails and gets a little down and dirty in both the lyrics and the delivery. “Lavish” kind of straddles the line between the two moods he’s created within the confines of this listening session. The beat is smooth but what he’s saying is a bit naughty. Last up, “Turn It Back” was a good song to cap it on. It felt like it brought us full circle and back to the starting line. If you’re a fan of R&B that has some devilish charm, check out Vocol and his music. (