Funkinchely Beats & Grooves’ Name Does Not Lie

Funkinchely Beats and GroovesbFunkinchely Beats & Grooves creates just what the name suggests and are fit for any soundtrack. “Mapped in Traps” instantly transports you into an arcade in the ’80s and then tosses you into a modern day rave/club. The beat has a hip hop base and is subtle. With “It’s Uptown Saturday Night” once again that arcade feel comes through as you can see yourself inside “Cruisin’ USA.” As we head into “Break It Down,” things take a cinematic turn and we stop with the games. While the platform has changed the era hasn’t. It has an ’80s, metropolitan vibe throughout. We get funky with “Crazy Bout U” and take bits and pieces from electronic and K-pop here. Lastly, “Red Rock and Rock” is quite different than anything that came before it. It’s more about grooving on the island and chilling. It’s a nice change of pace. If you’re in the market for music to be the backdrop to a project, Funkinchely Beats & Grooves is the place to look now! (