Buford Powers: “I Wish I’d Met You”

Buford Powers ReviewJust in time for Valentine’s Day, Buford Powers’ “I Wish I’d Met You” comes to our ears. Well, it’s not exactly the sweetest story, but it is a romantic sentiment. It’s about wishing to have met the love of your life sooner in time. I think many have felt like that. When they reach a certain age and meet someone, they look at it like – dang, if only we had more time. On the flip side, it could also be when you feel like you’ve wasted too many years without that special someone. Meaning aside, this song has a great, classic contemporary sound that would make fans of the pop standard smile. Fans of acts like Sinatra would be down to download this one. So if that sounds like you, check out “I Wish I’d Met You” by Buford Powers, out now. (https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/bufordpowers7)