Kecajazz’s on a Roll

Kecajazz-reviewKecajazz is a mood maker with sound. “Roll” sets the tone for a scene in a movie where the main character is walking through the city at the start of the film and all the supporting characters are given little cameos. It’s a scene setter this one. When “Alison” walks in the mood is somber and turned down. Things take an emotional turn while “Wind and Snow” paint the same picture but with dashes of bright spots. With “Belle Figlie” things lighten up and the tempo comes up a tad, but as we head into “Now You See It Don’t You,” we hear a more rock influence. It’s different than anything we’ve heard thus far. It’s clear that Kecajazz creates music to set a tone and to create action and add ambiance to life, so if you’re into music that does all those things, check out Kecajazz now. (