Under the Bodhi Tree – The Selfish Generation

Under the Bodhi Tree – The Selfish Generation

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Seattle, once again has found an unknown sub-layer where bands are popping up and have the capacity to change the way we hear/view music. The Selfish Generation, with one sole purpose, to bring back what it meant to be called a ‘freak’. How that word wasn’t a cliché like it is today. Ideas, movements and revolutions started from the individuals that were considered freaks or outcasts. But it would only be these people that made an impact on history.

Moving on to breaking down The Selfish Generation EP by Under the Bodhi Tree, which you should listen to when it comes out. The moment Under the Bodhi Tree releases this Selfish Generation EP to the general public you should sit down and appreciate a genuine effort to not be cool. The boldness of this band has caught our attention. As a traditional punk band would have it with a bass, guitar, drums and vocals…Under the Bodhi Tree steps on all of the social media moguls and brings back the instinct to get off of Twitter or Facebook; to pick up guitar to start a punk band. How rare has it been lately that a 6 song EP throws enough influences your way to start a band of your own? Hardly would be the answer.

The six tracks Bitter, Don’t Stop, Find Me Grace, Going To The Library, Pink Christmas Tree and Selfish Generation display a foolproof layout. Each track simultaneously targets what this generation is hell-bent on complaining about, while plainly stating their own initiative.

Find Me Grace comes off as a lost Pearl Jam song that Pearl Jam should have kept and released as a single. Not to throw a blanket covered Pearl Jam influence on Under the Bodhi Tree, it’s just…given the opportunity this song not only would become huge but possibly add a revision to the whole social media musical talent craze.

Give me Going To The Library any day. This is punk with raw bones showing through (beside another band the Downtown Boys) equally doing the same. Here is a track that has fairly simple lyrics that weave a continuing climbing climax that erupts into shouts and screams. Soon enough you’ll be shouting along while stuck in traffic.

Now coming to the end, the last track Selfish Generation has a career steady hype. Meaning that with one song, this could define the band themselves or their entire career. Mid-way through, a heavy handed guitar breaks through almost as if it were made of glass and shatters through the duration of the song. The lyrics ‘I just don’t give a fuck’ and ‘we are the selfish generation’ clearly and ever so lovingly loudly exclaims that the known generation, which is full of selfie personas and a generation of misfits that don’t necessarily fit in anywhere within that selfish wheel that is thrown in our face every day, are done.

Under the Bodhi Tree do the right thing and throw their middle fingers to the wind and ‘piss off’ with an excellent punk guitar solo.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lrx-5UtnoNw

by Kristen Fisher