Giadora releases “Twisted” single


Giadora stands out from the raft of aspiring young pop stars, any gender, vying for the spotlight and sustainable careers/ Despite the LA based singer’s youth, her music and vocals alike are those you expect from a more experienced artist and that added dose of maturity immeasurably enhances her material. “Twisted” rates as a stunning debut. The well rounded and polished final product has clockwork like construction from its open-ended synthesizer infused introduction, two short but atmospheric segues built into the composition, and punchy choruses that are difficult to forget. Her genuine musical talents are equally difficult to ignore – this isn’t just a performer, she brings a full array of gifts to bear on this track.

The song began life as a demo featuring nothing but her voice and piano. Producer Viision, one of the key lynchpins in English pop/R&B act Five Star, expands on Giadora’s initial vision for the song and reshapes its identity into something still uniquely Giadora’s own while exerting a lot of commercial appeal/ He likewise gives “Twisted” a warm and intimate sound, sometime right on top of you in a sense, and this intense focus on closing distance between performer and listener is well in keeping with the lyrical content.

She writes in a plain spoken style that never leaves her audience groping for meaning. Instead, she writes about being misled and wanting a measure of vengeance in a way listeners will relate to and flirts with darkness rather than submerging the tune in despair. The strength of her vocals would be enough to stop that. Despite material’s darker shade, there’s life-affirming spirit bursting forth from each line.

The decision to cast this as a dance number helps further sweeten the song’s narrative, but this song still has a lightly jagged edge and Giadora plants raw emotion deep into some of the lines. She sings like someone who has waited years for this moment to come – working with top shelf music professionals, in a great studio, engaged and creating – and intends on making the most of its arrival. She takes all the right steps to make her first single release “Twisted” a thunderous opening salvo announcing her emergence to everyone.

Another important part of the song’s success is the duration. A good or great pop song needs to know when enough is enough – the tendency, especially if you have a good hook, is for younger performers to milk strengths far past their sell-by date and slip into excess. Giadora avoids such pitfalls. There isn’t one note too many marring the song in any fashion and her lyric writing shares similar attributes. “Twisted” plays like a song that, excluding the aforementioned changes Viision made to the material, Giadora had a firm grasp on from first conception onward. Her confidence is unshakable.:


Jamie Morse