Ked Rocker comes out of Florida to the masses with the new single

Ked Rocker comes out of Florida to the masses with the new single, “Legendary” with the street date of July 6th. The Urban Pop, Hip Hop and R&B/soul artist has a lot of understated attitude and downright honesty, which is spoken volumes for in every sense there is. The track isn’t your older brother’s rap, it’s contemporary and full of common English with a lot of witticism and even some humor for such a serious tune, played mostly on piano. And to be fair, I’ve never heard Ked Rocker before, so it was an automatic move and a very good one.

“I deserve everything that I bought” is the main vibe with the lyrics going all over the place with an almost humorous but musically good, and a line in there about the 80s is a great touch because that’s when it all took off and became what today’s music scene is dominated by. If you like Hip Hop and Pop weaved together it’s right up your alley, and the lyrics which are strong and heavily graphic in some parts only adds to the quality of the song. The music is pianos and percussion throughout most of it with his voice rapping spot on over it.

It’s not hard for rappers to come up with words because they tend to just flow with cleverness. One rap answer to the other as he goes and sings about lighting up the whole city without even noticing the results. Ked Rocker talks a lot in the form of good melodies and singing that does best riding on the beats, but melody is just as important in any song, in any genre. But you have-to leave some mystery so I can’t give it all away before it’s even heard, there’s just nothing out of the ordinary besides the unique way he sings.

It’s not every day you can actually-process more than the average hit, but when someone goes deep and delivers on the extra mile, you take notice. I have no idea, based on research, whether-or not there’s more out there to hear from Ked Rocker, but this is no new guy on the block either, he’s well-seasoned at what he does. I’d just like to hear more, it’s difficult to carry on that far beyond describing the music, but if this artist stays the course it will be heard far and wide before long.

The makings of a of a hit these days is a very questionable thing because it’s usually the before work that gets a song, and it travels or not from there. If Ked Rocker gets in front of enough people, the music will do its job reciprocating to whoever hears this. But my advice would be to put it on loop and keep it there, add it to the playlist and get as much mileage out of “Legendary” as possible. It’s only a matter of time before he puts out another one, so it’s worth getting used to until then if you’re a true rap lover and artist supporter.

Jamie Morse

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