Landon Huber’s Musical Time Travel

Landon Huber ReviewLandon Huber is an alternative artist who does things his way. “Call Of The Sunset” doesn’t have any real lyrics and is more about setting an overall tone. You feel like you’re in a tent made of sheets in the ’60s and there’s nothing but peace all around. You get that decade again just a bit but it verges on the rock side as it’s a little harder and coming on stronger in “Please Don’t Leave Me Again.” This one does have a lyrics department and it’s great to hear. In “God Knows I’ve Tried” Landon does his best work. The music and vocals line up perfectly and it’s the first time I really heard who he was as an artist while listening. “A Match Striking” sounds more modern; well like it is from a ’90s college station when the alternative scene started to take off. So Landon Huber spans the decades and comes out fine each time. If you like your music with a little ’60s flare and some ’90s sass, check him out now. (