Mikal Dark’s Electronic Buffet

Mikal Dark ReviewMikal Dark is an electronic artist from the US who deals with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The “Corded Tape” mix sounds like something straight out of the Sega I just bought. Yes, you can buy a wireless one and it’s great. “Indigo Mornings” has more of a club feel to it but isn’t overpowering. The beat slowly builds but doesn’t explode into anything too crazy. With “Drina” it sounds like an industrial like party going on, while “JJ PinWheel2” has a lot of nature elements. “JJ” was actually quite soothing. “Raven’s Ridge” is a little scary with the vocals intertwined. They’re like little bursts that spook. Then things get sensual with “Real Sex,” as they should. The R&B feel kind of keeps flowing as “Neesis” comes through. All in all Mikal Dark brings variety to the electronic game, so if you like to mix it up – check him out today. (https://soundcloud.com/mikaldark)