Warchild Rocks the Country

warchild-reviewWarchild is a one man show. “Ash” has this haunting effect to it that sweeps you in and makes it hard to escape. It’s like you’re under a spell or something. With “Lost” you have a stronger musical presence than the last. This one comes on a bit heavier while remaining a soft sung song. Then you wrap things up with “I Can’t Even Pay This Tab.” You have to wonder what this will be about and yes – it’s a true blue country track. I didn’t feel that genre from the other two songs, but it’s clear cut in this one. It’s a sad tale that has a lot of heart at the start and then picks up to have to great beat to it after awhile. It’s a song you definitely want to learn and sing along to at the bar. If you’re into heartfelt rock that has a country undertone, check out Warchild now. (https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialWarchild/videos)