Tommy Carter Rocks It Out

Tommy Carter ReviewTommy Carter is a rocker from Georgia who incorporates other genres and emotions to make his music stand out. “Cold Dixie Morning,” from the title you’d think it was going to be this upbeat Country song, but then it starts and has this very laid back blues rock vibe to it. That cool guy mentality plays on with “Home Grown Situation.” You can hear the confidence in this delivery and taste the smoky haze in the bar it’s being performed in because that’s the picture this music often creates. Then Tommy gets a little romantic with “Nothing I Can Do” and “Missing You.” You’ll get your rock feel with the guitar licks in “Never Knew.” They don’t quit. It’s clear that Tommy Carter is a musical man and that he’s been at this for some time. If he just started yesterday, then he’s picked up on it quick and fooled me. So if you need some rock in your life, check out Tommy Carter today. (