Glenn McCrary Delivers Major “Prosperity” With Latest Single 

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Memphis, Tennessee – April 28, 2020 – Dance music has one goal and that is to get people off out of their seats and away from the walls of the club. It’s all about making audiences move, and Glenn McCrary’s latest single, “Prosperity,” does just that. 

Released this year, “Prosperity” starts with this almost metropolitan vibe while it paints scenes of a busy nightlife lit by city lights. Then close to a minute in the energy rises but doesn’t overwhelm as the beat gives way to an exhilarating good time on the dance floor and beyond. His 2020 release follows 2019’s “Attraction” and “Euphoria.” Each gives way to a new side of Glenn McCrary while still presenting an enjoyable audible experience at the press of play. 

Glenn McCrary got his start DJing back in 2014. Just a couple of short years later he added producing to his wide range of skills. Today, this budding dance maestro is looking to put his stamp on the music industry both as an artist and producer. With each release, he presents a taste of what’s to come, and frankly, the world is starving for more. 

His music is available on all major streaming services and recommended for fans of dance, house, and future house music. So those interested in adding new dance music to their playlists, featuring “Prosperity” on their site, or interviewing Glenn McCrary for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Glenn McCrary is proud to announce the release of his latest dance track, “Prosperity.” 

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